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Backyard Fire Pit: Pro Tips!

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers


You’ve graduated from the fire pit basics. In fact, you can probably start the kindling, lay out all the portable chairs, and have everyone’s drink of choice prepared with one arm tied behind your back. And while we’re sensitive not to disrupt that routine, we thought you might like some fun ideas to spice it up a little bit.


S'mores station: Okay, S’mores is not a new idea. But consider taking it up a notch or two by offering gourmet chocolates, flavored marshmallows, and an assortment of cookies and graham crackers.

 Backyard Firepit, Ultimate Fire Pit Chair


Kids Play, Adults Relax: You survey the backyard. The adults are nestled comfortably in their fire pit chairs, enjoying the warmth of the flames and whatever spirits you’re serving them. Far down on their list for what do to next is chasing around kids who are now hopped up on sugar from the S’mores station. Have no fear, there’s a win-win with kid’s activities. Set up a giant Jenga or cornhole ahead of time. Or if you didn’t have the foresight for this moment, an impromptu challenge is to gather blankets, pillows, and branches to see if they can create cozy backyard forts.  


Look Up!: There are some really good stargazing apps out there, like SkySafari and Star Walk, that can help you identify constellations or simply contemplate the cosmos. I like to point to the sky and make up my own constellations, like Ursula’s Belt or Orion’s Dog, and see how long it takes for someone to call me out on the lies (or tell me to shut up). 


Movie night under the stars: If you can find a spot nearby to hang a sheet to project a movie, you’re guaranteed a couple more hours of fire pit fun. You’ll need comfortable fire pit chairs for a full-length movie. Throw in a little popcorn, and a movie related to nature or outdoors, and voila!, your house is now the go-to neighborhood movie spot (whether you like it or not!)


Backyard Fire Pit Setup, Ultimate Firepit Chairs


If you give any of these a try—even if it’s just a slight variation at the S’mores Station, we’d love to see a pic or two from the night. We may even invite ourselves over for the next one!

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