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Backyard Fire Pit: Hosting 101

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers


A long time ago, in a neighborhood far, far away, we had a fire pit…sort of. There was a spot reserved in the corner of our back yard with a makeshift fire pit. A small pile of ash encircled with a single row of old, cracked bricks. A couple of sad-looking camp chairs that were never taken inside. There were so few times that we ever made an effort to get the fire going when we had company over.


Oh, how times have changed. The marriage of smokeless fire pit innovation and inspired landscaping has rendered the backyard the perfect place for hosting nighttime get-togethers. There’s an entire realm of home entertainment just waiting to be ignited (the one and only pun, I promise).


Here are some tips to inspire creativity and create fire pit moments your guests will enjoy.


Create the right ambiance- Spending some time on setting the scene is ultimately the foundation by which everything else can flourish. String up some fun, quirky lights or break out the tiki torches. Add some vibrant, cozy blankets and pillows. Create a playlist to match the mood of the party. And course, set out a bunch of comfortable fire pit chairs. Nobody ever really wants to get up from the warmth of the fire pit, so making sure they are comfortable for the long haul is critical.


Best Fire Pit Chairs Around Backyard Smokeless Firepit


Fireside activities:  If dinner is on the menu, grill some kabobs, or you could even have people make their own personal pizzas using cast iron cookware. Even if dinner isn’t served, you’ll want a good mix of drink options: coffee, tea, or hot toddies to warm the bones, and beverage staples like beer, wine, and sodas (drink pro tip: picking fire pit chairs with cup holders avoids spills and frees up hands).  When bellies are full, we’re suckers for the campfire classics: telling ghost stories, singing campfire songs, maybe a game or two of charades. And if the guests are relatively unknown, consider printing out some dinner conversation starters and placing them on their chairs before they sit down.


Oh yeah…Fire Pit Safety!: We probably should have led with this, but where’s the fun in that? Ensure the area is clear, nothing around that people can trip on. Keep children and pets at a safe distance. And avoid throwing things into the fire pit like plastic, magazines, and particleboard that can release toxic fumes.


So now you’re ready to gather around and enjoy the magic of the fire! And if you’re craving more, don’t forget to check out our bonus tips for fun ideas around the fire pit.

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