Outdoor Concert Tips

Outdoor Concert Tips

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

Nothing much beats live music. Except live music outside on a beautiful day! From small, intimate outdoor concerts in amphitheaters near your town square, to all day festivals at a state fair, there is no shortage of options to enjoy great music just outside your door.

These venues offer unique atmospheres to see your favorite artists or to discover someone new. But navigating the crowds, the logistics, and of course the unpredictable weather can be challenging to say the least. Here are some tips as you plan your next outing.


  • Research the venue: The obvious benefit of researching the venue is to get a good understanding of the layout, the stage views, and certainly the restroom locations. But these days many more venues have their own apps so that you can easily access tickets, maps, and even order food and drinks instead of waiting in long lines. Finally, the packing tips (below) are heavily influenced by the venue requirements. As one example, some concert venues have height restrictions for your portable chairs.

  • Packing, the greatest hits: Comfort is king, especially for the all-day concerts. Make sure you bring a comfortable portable lawn chair or a padded outdoor blanket if you prefer lying down. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are critical to brave the sun (and most venues don’t have great shading). If there are no restrictions on bringing food or drink, be sure to at least pack some light snacks and ample water supplies. Finally, grab the small essentials like hand sanitizer, wipes, and a travel size first aid kit.

  • Packing, the deep cuts: There are a few other items that will surely fit into your backpack, and you won’t be disappointed. Pack a bandana—it’s great for sun protection, opening up to sit on the grass, or for wiping spills. Glow sticks can definitely add to the atmosphere for night concerts. If you’re standing or sitting close to speakers, don’t forget to bring some earplugs to protect your hearing. And last, but certainly not least, a portable fan is a nice accessory to help beat the heat in the sun and crowds.

  • Traveling, to and from: Arrive early to avoid the rush—if you’ve successfully packed the essentials and hidden gems, you’ll have no trouble passing the time in comfort. And we’re big fans of leaving the car at home and using a ride-sharing service, just try to make the arrangements before the day starts.

Hope these tips help! Enjoy the outdoor concert season and send us a pic or two from your favorite venue.

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