Hawthornes outdoor dining table and chairs

The Outdoor Dining Styles of 2021: Part 2

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

More favorites from around our neighborhoods. We're blown away by the creativity and style of local restauranteurs, transforming the roadsides in front of their eateries into stunning dining areas. Please support the outdoor dining spaces of your local restaurants and bars and if you're ever in Philly, be sure to check these places out!

#6: The 'French Riviera'
Parc restaurant Philadelphia outdoor dining tables chairs

The view overlooking the park...the window boxes...the vaulted ceiling and modern lighting...you almost forget you're sitting in a former parking space.
Kudos: Parc

#7: The 'Space Bubble'
Hawthorne restaurant Philadelphia outdoor dining table and chairs

In preparation for moving to another planet if life on earth comes to an end, be sure to practice eating out in a space bubble ahead of time.
Kudos: Hawthornes

#8: The 'Craft Activity Station'
Mission Taqueria Philadelphia outdoor dining tables and chairs

In addition to satisfying your kindergarten nostalgia, you can't deny the practicality of this setup - in the winter the hole in the middle holds a heater to warm everyone at the table equally.
Kudos: Mission Taqueria

#9: The 'Vinyl Strips Door'
Tequilas restaurant Philadelphia outdoor dining table and chairs

While the entrance may say industrial freezer, the tasteful decor on the inside transports you to a far off upscale agave farm!
Kudos: Tequilas

#10: The 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon'
Rouge restaurant Philadelphia outdoor dining chairs tables

With a ceiling of plants and other greenery around, you couldn't fit much more  vegetation in this spot. But together with the adirondack chairs, it all works!
Kudos: Rouge

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