Pinefish outdoor dining table and chairs

The Outdoor Dining Styles of 2021: Part 1

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

It's been a tough year for our friends in the restaurant industry. But out of necessity comes creativity, and in this case some extraordinary outdoor dining areas. Check out some of the best styles we've spotted below. 

Please support your local eateries and if you happen to be in Philadelphia stop by one of these fine examples for good food and great outdoor dining. Which is your favorite?

#1: The 'Patio doors'
Ambrosia Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs

Installing actual patio doors in the road is definitely taking it up a level. 
Kudos: Ambrosia

#2: The 'Skatepark'
Wine Dive outdoor dining tables chairs

Just a little graffiti, sidewalk chalk and some sweet old school lawn chairs.
Kudos: Wine Dive

#3: The 'A-Frame'
Pinefish outdoor dining tables and chairs 

Who needs walls when you can just put the roof right down onto the road? We love everything about these A-frames, from the size to the color choices.
Kudos: Pinefish

#4: The 'Mini Greenhouse'
Aki Nom Nom outdoor dining tables and chairs

What you may miss in privacy you'll more than make up for in the sheer excellence of getting to dine in what looks like a small greenhouse.
Kudos: Aki Nom Nom

#5: The 'Boudoir'
Charlie Was A Sinner outdoor dining tables and chairs

Red velvet curtains? Check. Elaborate chandelier? Check. Ornate rug? Check. There's no better place to have some strong drinks and outstanding vegan food.
Kudos: Charlie Was A Sinner


We'll be back with some more of our local favorites soon, but in the meantime let us know what style you love!

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