Refer A Friend

Spread the word through a link below or the QR code on your chair

Your friends get a discount, you get store-credit and we'll donate to non-profits on your behalf. Win-win-win!

Toasting friends and enjoying the modern outdoors in True Places Emmett folding chairs. Our referral program makes it easy to help spread the word through the QR code on the back of each chair.

Help Friends and Non-Profits (and yourself!)

We’d rather give to your friends and communities than spend more on advertising. Each friend you refer gets a discount off their first chair order, you get credit for, and we’ll donate $5 to non-profits (supporting public spaces and access to recreation) when they purchase at least one chair.

QR Code on back of True Places Emmett Folding Chair enables you to refer a friend and also mark the chair as lost

How It Works

2 Ways to share:

(a) Refer a friend directly through the unique QR code on your chair! Just scan your code with your phone to get started.

(b) send a referral link directly online from here