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Lights, Camera, Outdoor Movie!

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

Last summer I went to an outdoor movie theater. At least that’s what it is during the warmer months. The cash cow for this semi-rural, semi-suburban farm is a haunted house that opens its cobwebbed doors shortly after Labor Day. You can see the abandoned shed and skeletons as you pull your car into the grassy parking lot.

I would love to call this “the definitive guide to outdoor movie night.” But I must confess that it was the first time I’d been in about two decades. So it’s more like a beginner’s guide.

  • Bring your own snacks, splurge on the popcorn: this point is certainly not exclusive to outdoor movie theaters. I’ve been filling my pockets with bags of candy before walking into theaters ever since I was a teen. But what was quickly apparent in the outdoor movie industry is that they haven’t invested in a stockpile of Junior Mints, Raisinettes, and Dots…slim pickings. HOWEVER, they did have an old timey popcorn maker, and I’m pretty sure they were adding real melted butter at the end.
  • Trunk space: Not just for the aforementioned snacks, but ample trunk space is a vital sitting option. Maybe you’ve laid out your lawn chairs in front of someone who’s tall, or are sitting in front of someone who has a chair with an outrageously tall back. Or maybe you’re bringing little ones, who are sure to fall asleep midway through the movie. Or maybe the idea of nestling up in sleeping bags, elevated for a better view, sparks your fancy.

Outdoor movie in best lawn chair True Places Emmett

  • A good car battery: This movie theater had an antiquated audio system, but you could tune into an AM station to hear it through your car. Even without this option, doors stay open, ceiling lights stay on, and AC systems get cranked when someone wants a few minutes to cool off.
  • Finally, you need comfortable chairs! Comfortable seating is important for any outdoor event. But if you haven’t been to an outdoor movie in a while, let me break it to you: the outdoor movie genre takes you back to a time when Blockbuster reigned supreme. We had one movie option for the night—Harry and the Hendersons. And in case you’ve forgotten, they made movies longer back in the 80’s and 90’s. Maybe because we had longer attention spans back then. Whatever the reason, you’re there for a long time, so sitting comfortably becomes a lot more important. We recommend the Emmett from True Places which is the ultimate lawn chair for outdoor movies ;) And please don’t be the car that tries to leave the parking lot early because you can’t sit in an uncomfortable chair any longer.

We hope this helps. If you do get to an outdoor movie, let us know what you saw, and any tips for readers who are thinking about getting out there this year. If you take True Places chairs, send us a pic, we’d love to see how you’re doing!

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