True Places cheering runners sidelines

Dear Race Day Fans

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

This is my love letter to race day fans. I hope you know what you mean to me. You stay for hours cheering us on, all the while making a party of it on the sidewalks.

True Places run sidelines

For all those runners with a deep, intrinsic motivation to press on and achieve your personal best on race day, I am forever in awe. For the rest of us, we just start running and hope the crowd will help carry us to the finish line.

And so it’s you: the friends, family, and let’s face it—random people screaming at nobody in particular—that make it all feel worth it. You flash signs that read “Turn Around. It’s a Trap!”, and yell “You Got This!” to everyone that passes through your vicinity. You didn’t have to bring that wooden spoon and medium sauce pan. But you did, and banging on it when I passed gave me a second wind.

I needed you during the recent Broad Street 10 miler, and you came out despite the cold and rainy conditions. My heart is forever yours.


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