The Outdoor Dining Styles

The Outdoor Dining Styles of 2021, Part 4!

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

We continue to be blown away by the styles of local modern outdoor dining areas. Thanks for the suggestions and other incredible examples to include below. And please support your local restaurants!

#17: The 'Yurt'
Zahav outdoor dining Philadelphia Yurt

What's better than some of the best middle-eastern food in North America? Eating it with family in a yurt, of course!
Kudos: Zahav

#18: The 'Chandelier on the street'
Barclay Prime outdoor dining table chairs

What's outdoor dining without a white table cloth and crystal chandelier anyway?!
Kudos: Barclay Prime

#19: The 'Pink Cuban Arches'
Guevaras outdoor dining table chairs

Cuban-inspired vegan food clearly deserves some incredible pink arches and stunning black and white tiled floor.
Kudos:  Guevaras

#20: The 'Picnic Tables'
Fado outdoor dining picnic tables

Get that beer festival vibe every day; no better place to throw back a few drinks with friends in neighborhood.
Kodos: Fado

#21:  The 'Tube station cafe'
Dendelion outdoor dining tables and chairs

If only waiting for your train in the London underground were as elegant and comfortable as this.
Kudos: Dandelion


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