Emmett Portable Chair

Chair Care and Instructions

How to open the chair

How to open the best portable camp chair. Unique patented folding design for portability and comfort.

Opening Chair

Stand behind the chair; unfold arms down and away from each other until the chair locks into place (you’ll hear a ‘click’ when the arms lock, and they won't fold again until unlocked with the coral buttons).

Ensure side-rails are fully down at the front before sitting.

How to fold the chair

Use buttons on arms to unlock chair before folding

Release the Emmett portable chair locking mechanism through the armlock buttons, fold the chair up and together for compact folding and place the best camping chair in the included quality chair carrying bag for ultimate portability
Step 1

Press buttons on both armrests and pull arms up to unlock the chair

Step 2

Stand behind the chair and pull arms up towards each other until the chair is fully folded

Step 3

Slide chair into bag with back of chair against back of bag (shown by “back of chair here” sign in Premium Carrying Bag).

Chair care and cleaning

Our TrueFlex™ fabric is weather and stain-resistant. Any spills can easily be cleaned with a damp soft cloth.

Chair should be dried and stored in the included protective carrying bag when not in use. Do not leave chair outside permanently (for weeks or longer).

Do not spray or apply any fabric protectors (such as ScotchGuard™ or Guardsman®) to the chair as they can damage and deteriorate the weatherproof TrueFlex™ chair fabric.

Our aluminum frame is naturally corrosion-resistant and all steel rivets and screws are zinc-plated or otherwise treated for durability and weather-resistance.


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