Top 10 Activities In the Modern Outdoors

Top 10 Activities In the Modern Outdoors

 By True Places Magazine Staff Writers


We're counting down the top 10 activities in the modern outdoors. This is based on input from thousands of True Places customers and other feedback from the wider True Places community about where they use their Emmett portable chairs, and what activities are most meaningful in their lives. 

Where are you spending the most time in the modern outdoors? Are you surprised by the top 5? We'd love to hear your thoughts.


Best portable chair for parades
Best portable chair for block party
Best camp chair for local festivals and shows
Best folding chair for tailgating, tailgate
Best camping chair, camp chair
Best camp chair for RVs
Best lawn chair for sidelines of marathons
Best lawn chair for outdoor concerts and outdoor movies
Best portable chair for youth sports sidelines
Best firepit chair, fire pits chair
Were you surprised? Where do you spend the most time in the modern outdoors? Where is most meaningful for you? We'd love to hear. Whether it's sitting on the sidelines of youth sports, in your backyard around the firepit, outside your RV or going to concerts or movies in the park, we hope you're sitting comfortably!

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