Spring flowers and True Places Emmett Folding Chair

Spring Forward

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

Every year I’m amazed at how all of a sudden everyone seems to be in a better mood when the spring comes around. What is it about the spring that’s so good?

For me and my family, it’s about getting outside without having to think about packing yourself up with layers and layers. Of course, it’s partly just enjoying the longer days and more sunlight in general. But it’s also the small moments, like seeing a swarm of honey bees working on the new flowers. Leaving the back door open so the cat can jump in and out at its own leisure. Walking past certain places in the neighborhood where we know there will be stunning flowers in bloom. Sitting on our porch sipping lemonade and saying hi to passersby.

 Cheers to Spring; True Places and Emmett Folding Chair

The deeper ideas of renewal, new beginnings (maybe even second chances) and growth loom large in the mind. How do you smell the fresh spring air and see nature blooming around you and not start thinking of possibilities, opportunities, and what can be created anew in your own life?

For me, it’s really about taking a moment to appreciate the life and activity close to home. What is it for you? The local outdoor concert? Seeing strawberries appearing at the farmers market? The preparations for opening the local pool?

Whatever it is for you, don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy it. It’s time to spring forward!


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