Grandma's First S'mores!!

By True Places Magazine Staff Writers

It had been over two years since our family had seen grandma. She lives abroad, thousands of miles away, and despite best efforts of staying close through Zoom, WhatsApp and other technology, there’s no getting around the fact that there’s nothing exactly like being together in person.

Her long awaited visit was a chance to reconnect with the grandkids - disbelieve how much they have grown (“I can’t believe it”) and be amazed at how well they read (“there were some very tough words in there”), as well as worry about traveling home (“they keep changing the rules, first this test, then that one”).

Grandma roasting marshmallows sitting in True Places chair 

It was also an opportunity to introduce her to the finest of American delicacies: s’mores! Originally called the “Some More”, the toasted marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker concoction is said to have been the brainchild of one Loretta Scott Crew, a Girl Scout troop leader looking to feed 16 hungry scouts in 1927. It may now be a childhood mainstay all across the US, but you don’t realize how uniquely American it is until you’re with a visitor.

 Grandma enjoying s'mores

Grandma’s verdict? It’s a hit (“this could become very popular, you know”) She did insist on calling them “S’mor-ES” as if they were actually an old Spanish recipe. But, overall, with some guidance on optimal marshmallow toasting from the kids, she showed that there’s no age limit on s’mores enjoyment! And the best part? An unexpected, but welcome, new family memory.

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