Our Story

"It is not down in any map; true places never are"

- Herman Melville, Moby Dick


We founded True Places in 2019 to build a modern outdoor product company that reflected the way we live our lives today: relevant for the most meaningful outdoor moments and at a quality that we expect. 

We kept asking the same questions — why do the things we use when we’re outside with family and friends keep falling apart? Why is anything that’s portable so uncomfortable, and anything comfortable so heavy and expensive? Why don’t these things work as well or look as good as other things in our lives? 

We realized we weren’t the only ones wishing for better and, with backgrounds in product innovation, we could actually do something about it. So, True Places was born. After thousands of hours of researching, designing and experimenting, we can’t wait to share the first results with you, wherever your true places may be.

- Nelson and Ben


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